Background & Approach


Over the course of his career, Rovere has contemplated numerous artistic disciplines, including installation, video art, experimental film, photography and graphic arts. And as early as the 70’s, digital techniques also became one of his focuses.

In his early stages, Rovere explores mainly the perception of the image in its evolution over time and the filmic surface as raw material. His work has been shown in some prestigious contemporary art institutions in several countries. Five of his works are part of the permanent collections of the National Museum of Modern Art – Centre Georges Pompidou, in Paris.

Currently, Rovere’s main focus is the still image on a photographic basis, but in a de-compartmentalized artistic practice: his shots are only the raw material of his visual modeling work for which he feels free to make use of hybrid pictorial techniques.


Equally indifferent to trends as to prescriptions, Rovere’s practice has been from time to time conventional as well as at times on the fringe of established standards, as reflected by his experimentations, his non-compliant methods, his appetency for mixed processes.
His current approach flows from the desire for a return to the essence and the timelessness. Without renouncing to a certain experimental research, he moves away from the often rather conceptual approach of his first period. Far from a craze for the decay (which seeks for a self-justification in an alleged parity between the hideous and the sublime), he tries to reveal the original beauty through what transcends the visible.

Installations Photography Digital drawings Videography Cinegraphy
Installations Photographic plastic arts Digital drawings Video Art Cinegraphy

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