Produced in 1978, without a camera nor any cinematographic equipment.
6’38’’ silent

A photographic image of three zebras, their graphics and their environment, generate the frames of this film, which once screened, is neither a representation of the zebras nor a continuity of movement, but a succession of isolated effects that seem random although they are the result of a perfectly structured photographic picture. The zebras are not the film (they are not seen in the projected film), but they are the structure of the film, that is to say its “score” (which generates the sequence of film frames).

The film is presented both in scroll (screening) as well as in the form of its “cinegraphic-frame” (also called “structure”).

The ”cinegraphic frame” shows the cinegraphic temporal evolution, interpreted in two dimensions.

Film strips laid flat on a surface mesuring approx. 131 cm x 74 cm. reconstructing the “score” that spawned the movie.